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Nicholls, Stephen Cameron Jalil: Some Jewish Soldiers and Officers. A personal dedication. - Burgess Hill: Nicholls, 2005. 51 S.

Mit einem Nachwort von Arno Surminski.

Adresse: Stephen C. J. Nicholls, Pomerania, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 8JG.



Inhaltsverzeichnis / Content:


Title page with quotations and acknowledgements 1

Contents and the author‘s introductory note 2-4

Some Jewish Soldiers and Officers –

A patriotic prologue 5

From medieval times to the modern era 5-9

The new era in Austria and Prussia  9-14

The United States and the British Empire 14-17

Poland 17-19

France and Italy 19-20

The 1848-49 Revolution in Austro-Hungary 20-21

Bulgaria and Greece 21

The reserve officer controversy in Prussia 22-25

„Die Torwache hält einen Juden an“ – The town guards

stop a Jew (a painting by Dietrich Monten, 1824).

The Bavarian attitude 25-29

Russia and the Ukraine 29-30

The First World War 30-35

The Spanish Civil War 35

The Second World War 35-37

The Korean War 38

A strange German-Jewish ’symbiosis‘ 38

General Pattons‘s multinational army 38-39

A distinguished veteran of recent times 39

A patriotic epilogue 40

Notes 40-48

Map of East Prussia – past and present 49-5 0

Arno Surminski‘s postscript 51